Managed Services

Trying to improve your efficiency?
Instead of trying with expensive investments you should rather go for optimizing your existing IT infrastructure.
In today’s challenging economic environment and with tightened IT-department budgets, it is difficult to keep up with the course of development and constantly bring improvements to your IT infrastructure. Not only does upgrading prove time-consuming and technically demanding, but also expensive and leaving you having to wait for ages to see any return on your investment.
To achieve greater efficiency, however, sometimes no radical changes in the IT environment configuration are even necessary, since IT environment – and process-optimizing technologies may already improve the use of your existing infrastructure considerably.
Managed services provided by Bravatech help your IT administrators achieve better exploitation of the existing infrastructure. Automating the processes and optimizing the configuration of your IT environment leads to positive effects on productivity and efficiency of your business system.
The extent of these effects depends on the needs of each environment, but is always achieved at minimum costs and loss of time. For the optimization itself no extensive interventions in infrastructure configuration are usually required, so the effect becomes visible quickly and the investment less cost-demanding.

Managed Security Solutions

Your firewall is the entry point to your entire business.  If you aren’t checking to make sure the “door is locked” you could be vulnerable.
Bravatech Managed Security solution provides your business with remote monitoring and management of your mission-critical network infrastructure like firewalls, switches, routers and wireless access points. For a set monthly fee, we can proactively manage your existing infrastructure or recommend a best-in-class solution that meets your organization’s needs.
Managed Security gives you:
•Around the clock remote monitoring on your network infrastructure
•Adds, moves or changes to appliances
•Regular firmware backups and updates as required
•Connectivity troubleshooting*
(*Standard remote support hours are 9am-7pm (EST). Onsite service is available when required or scheduled)
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Office Productivity Solutions

A move to Office 365 brings your organization all the Microsoft Office applications you are used to but now available anywhere, anytime on virtually any platform.
Think: Business-class email and calendaring. Think: Online conferencing, secure file sharing, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher. The same Office you already know and use every day only better. TUC brings you all the productivity apps you are familiar with only now they are powered by the cloud — meaning you can get to your applications and files from virtually anywhere —PC, Mac, and tablets — and they are always up to date & secure. Same goes for updates to features — you get them automatically, meaning no more licenses to track and maintain.
From SMB to Enterprise, Office 365 is perfect for organizations looking to:
•Replace current aging software licenses
•Get all their team working on the same page
•Lower total cost of ownership and move capital expenditures to operating expenditures (Cap-Ex to Op-Ex)
•Take advantage of business-class email and calendaring – putting their entire team in sync

We can fix you broken PC or Macintosh computer

Computer Repair Services

Laptop Repairs
iPhone & iPad Repairs
Virus / Spyware Removal
Desktop Repairs
Software Installation
Home & Office Networking
WiFi Installation

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Stay Protected With Bravatech Backup!

Disaster Recovery is a difficult but necessary element of any successful business. Though disasters are unpleasant to consider, they are an unfortunate reality of the Internet Age. Think of technological disasters as the inevitable downside to the substantial benefits of managing your business online.

Every business needs a structured disaster recovery plan. We offer tailored backup services to fit your industry. With server backup and recovery, remote office protection, laptop and desktop protection, and file archiving, your business will be prepared for the worst. Use promo code “SAVEME2” to receive 30 days free.


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