9 Considerations For Choosing The Right Hybrid Backup Solution

Most businesses recognize the importance of data management, backup
and disaster recovery, but believe their current backup solution doesn’t meet
their business needs.

According to Gartner, only 35% of small and medium businesses have backup plans and
70% aren’t confident with the statement: ‘Our backup and disaster recovery operations are well managed and planned.’

This is yesterday’s backup and it’s a risk that enterprises and SMBs can’t afford.
What would an hour of downtime cost your business?
The average cost of downtime, according to IDC research is at least $20,000
per hour or more for 80% of the companies surveyed. A significant minority
(20%) put the cost per hour of data loss at $100,000 or more. And according to
the Institute for Business and Home Safety, an estimated 25% of businesses
never reopen following a major disaster.

Data Growth Challenges?
It’s a different world for IT managers today and data backup is more complex
than ever. As data sizes and types increase, and servers and operating systems
change, companies are spending more on data protection, both in terms of IT
resources and real costs.
Forcing the heart-to-heart with their current solution, forward thinking leaders
are turning to hybrid cloud backup solutions to alleviate data growth challenges,
drive backup efficiency, and increase cost savings.

Are you ready for Tomorrow’s Backup?
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